Lagotto Research

To date there are a few research projects that focus specifically on the Lagotto Romagnolo and all of the studies are conducted in Europe.

The current state of our breed has made us aware that we want to be proactive as it continues to gain in popularity. It is one of the oldest breeds in the world, with a working history and we don’t want the breed to become the next “fashionable” dog with all of the health, temperament and poor breeding issues that so many other breeds gaining quick popularity have suffered.

The breed is a healthy and rustic working dog. We will support efforts to keep the breed that way. Healthy, stable and long-living.

Current studies for the breed

Details for participating in the studies are included in the links.

University of Bern- Institute of Genetics

  • Cerebellar Abiotrophy in Lagotto Romagnolo
    Several hereditary diseases of the nervous system are known in Lagotto Romagnolo dogs. They include several distinct forms of cerebellar ataxia with monogenic autosomal recessive inheritance. Affected dogs show neurological symptoms such as uncoordinated movements and difficulties with normal gait at a few weeks of age or later in life.

    Information for sample submissions:
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  • Hair Loss in the Lagotto Romagnolo
    Over the last few years, cases of non-inflammatory alopecia in Lagotto Romagnolo dogs have been described repeatedly. The hair loss affects mainly the trunk, while the head and legs are usually spared. The affected dogs do not have itching. We would like to investigate this disease, which is also called follicular dysplasia, in more detail and therefore need EDTA blood samples from affected dogs.

With our fundraisers, each year we will support research institutes and projects that focus on health issues that can relate to the Lagotto Romagnolo.