Who We Are

The Lagotto Romagnolo Foundation, Inc. was founded by Lagotto breeders, Lagotto trainers and Lagotto owners who all have one goal in common:
the wellbeing of our breed

We are excited that the Lagotto has been gaining popularity.  But, we want the breed to remain the wonderful companions and working dogs that we have grown to adore, while ensuring they continue to be healthy and long-lived members of our families – and yours!

Our Emphasis

Why the Concern?

The number of Lagotti (plural of Lagotto) continues to grow worldwide as the breed is more recognized and sought after.

A breeds growing popularity needs to be balanced with dedicated enthusiasts working together to educate and advocate for its future.

Our Breeder Resources and worldwide Breed Database are tools to educate, support research and encourage responsible, ethical breeding practices.

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Committed to protecting the health and longevity of the Lagotto Romagnolo through education and scientific research.
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Donate Now

With your money, we support research projects, maintain a health database and produce educational videos. The Lagotto Romagnolo Foundation, Inc. is tax exempt as 501(c)(3) organization.