Lagotto Cause of Death Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather information about causes of death in the breed. The survey is entirely anonymous. There can be many reasons for a dog’s death and a worldwide data collection can provide knowledge about trends of health across the history of the breed.

The Lagotto will continue to gain in numbers worldwide, and by providing a repository for shared data, it is possible to watch for trends and plan for a healthy future.

About the survey:

  • Entries do not contain names or registration details about any of the dogs. It is anonymous because the aim is to encourage everyone to feel comfortable sharing openly.
  • A person may share information for multiple dogs. If you’ve been in the breed for many years or had many Lagotti, all information is wanted.
  • It is available for any Lagotto – historical data for dogs from your past is helpful.
  • There may be multiple heath issues contributing to death. We ask that you choose the ‘diagnosed’ or  final cause.

Survey Link:  Causes of Death